Friday, January 4, 2013

Today's Article - Traffic to Your Site? SEO Content Writing is the Answer!

Editor's Note:
How important is blogging you ask? Well it is as important as this: think about having a shop that sells products. How high is the chance of products getting sold if you don't have sales assistant to help with? They are the ones explaining what these products do and are the main sales point of your shop.
It is the same as having a cool-looking, professional, or elegant website with nice-looking designs containing cool products, but with no articles supporting what your website content really is about. With all the latest zoo animals that Google is building for their search engine algorithm, it is clear that Google is focusing more and more into content writing. I would like to see Internet once again filled with high quality content instead of crap content looked like highly-spun articles from softwares for the purpose of only ranking in search engines. Want to make money blogging? Start writing articles or syndicate them.
SEO Content Writing Can Bring Traffic to Your Site
People usually use the services of designers to design their web sites. But don't pay much heed to their website content. In the end, they complain that their site is very compelling and attractive, yet it's not driving more traffic!
In this article I will provide the answer to all those people.
There are few things which should also be focused with designing and development. As sites are usually hosted on internet by servers, take that server as a shop, now to attract people to your shop you have to place ads in newspapers, on billboards and even distribute pamphlets to people in malls. The reason for all that effort is to drive public to your shop, Make a name for it in the real world. And also to let people know that your shop exists and has certain business, etc.
Same goes for the internet; the Internet was a missile tracking system until Tim burners Lee developed a hypertext system to view information on online platform. After its development Larry Page developed Google.
Now people hardly write full form of the URL in the address bar. Instead they use Google to search the term and just click on the first link that comes. Also, Google is a new way of keeping people up-to-date related to best services of a company. These 'best services' can be found out by the page ranks and top results in Google.
Now to bring a site on top of Google, usually keywords are used. These keywords not only make the rank of a page higher. But also help determine the quality of the pages related to search results.
A simple process is, copy writing for web in such a way that it gets top ranking. Online article writing is an art which usually is easy to understand. But, it's different then article writing for print. As article writing for print does not need Google rankings.
These are usually books which are in advanced English. But for Google, Online article writing needs to be in simple words. Ad copy writing for the web is for public as well as Google bots.
In print writing, people prefer not to repeat words. But in online article writing, repeating words is a plus point. But to some extent, the extent is 'keyword density'. That is keyword/total words. That density needs to be 3%, for every hundred words. That means, that word should come only 3 times in that article.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today's Article - The Importance of a Professional Photograph of Self and How to Produce It.

One thing that is always as important as marketing itself, which is self-professional photograph. Having it means to be professional in "selling ourselves" literally. Look at the usability of a professional photograph and how it will amaze you in further expanding your marketing process. You will be lucky if you are a photogenic type of person or you just happened to be skilled in photography, you will find that it is easy to produce a professional-looking self photograph, as well as utilizing photography-based software to enhance and manage the quality of professionalism.

If you are not willing to spend for a professional photograph, then you can try to take the shots with a camera if you happen to have one. Professional photographers are hired because they can continually produce usable photographs, not to mention they must have also acquired additional skills in editing and manipulation of photographs to suit anyone's taste of style. A good photographer should be able to provide you with just the look you want, no matter what it is. Look at the example of a professional photograph on the left that I have just took by hiring a photographer to do it for me. This is a kind of one-point-shadow photograph with only one direct light source, in which this style is often used for novel's author section.

So with all the talk about achieving a professional-looking photograph, how does one define a photograph to be "professional-looking"? A professional photograph does not have to yield a "corporate" look to be professional. These following ten tips from Fix this Photo can help beginners and professionals alike create lighting that accentuates their subject and creates the intended emotion in the viewer. To find out more about these tricks, just go to the link here.
1. Choosing the right type of light bulbs for the lighting effect.
2. Angles to choose for the light sources to emit.
3. Creating a neutral backdrop (contrast between background and subject of the photograph).
4. Clutter-free photograph.
5. Light triangulation.
6. Discretion in determining amount of shadows in relation to desired effect.
7. Preventing glare and shadowing with diffuser lights (or its equivalent).
8. Choose carefully the time of the day in relation to shooting with natural lighting.
9. Direction of shoot and its interference with direct light.
10. Keep practicing!

Often, the difference between a professional photograph and an amateur one is in the lighting. If you haven’t got a professional photograph for the type of work - again, get a friend with a good digital camera to take a picture of you against a white wall. Import this into any photo-editing software and you can improve the quality to almost professional. Your choice of lighting type and placement can create drama, create beauty, and bring out the features of your subject, but only if you understand how to choose and arrange lights in an effective manner. Remember, though, that the setting for the photo-shoot is extremely important; it should not take the emphasis away from you but, at the same time, it should not be dull or boring.


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Friday, March 4, 2011

Today's Article - Further Understanding about Blogging

Blogging is an activity where the content is defined by  format  and  process.  It is all about content, persistence, and professionalism.  We all know that blogging earns money, but it is not, however, passive income.  It is where it's at. It's not just for geeks anymore.  Blogging has got to be the best possible career now.  Let's have a look at world's blogging activity here. 

According to Blogging Milken, blogging has gone from 0 to 36 million blogs worldwide in less than a decade.75,000 new blogs will be created today.  27% of internet users engage in blogs, whether, creating, writing, or reading, every month.  At this rate, the blogosphere is doubling every 5 months.  Consumers spend 4 hours a week writing their blogs. 

Blogging is all about learning. It is all about content, persistence, and professionalism. You can never say that I know everything about blogging. You always have to improve yourself and your skills. And as a beginner, you should read lots of things to get basic idea of blogging.

Check out these experts and strategies on blogging.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Words of the Day! "Any trained body emerges above a wonder."

"Any trained body emerges above a wonder."

This was once used as a title for explaining how Indonesia is a country of very rich culture, consisting of various arts related to body.

To find out more about Indonesia, go check out Indonesia Trip & Tourism's blogspot here.

PS: This post is also related to a purpose, which will be confidential.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Blog for Fun, and I Earn Money with it...

Many people know the word "blog" as a type or part of website. People create blogs to express their personal entries of commentary, reviews, constructive information (even criticizing opinions), etc. But what most people fail to understand is the blog's potential. There are tons of bloggers online that have created blogs that are attractive and interesting, which drove traffic into their links. As internet has become one of the monster trend in the world, so does blogging became one of the most engaged activities online.

If you want to find out more about how to earn money by the fun of blogging, I suggest to go find blogging experts out there sharing their strategies of setting a money-earning-blog empire. It is okay to try by yourself, but I must guarantee that you will not get great result. You need to know the secrets and strategies, which cannot be obtained by just trying. These expert people did not just try, but have also done extensive research about it, just like me! Believe me or not, writing blogs now earn me money. I am not undergoing any stress of facing everyday 9-to-6 daily routine or a boss, or even any project deadlines, I am simply having fun - blogging about anything of my interest!

If you want to maximize profits, I advise to try out each of the experts out there because everyone have different systems and strategies. Here are some of the experts in blogging, go to their website and hear what they have to say and see their members' testimonial. Sure, most of them will require you to buy their strategies package such as e-books, videos, and downloads, but since these experts offer money-back guarantee which means you can always ask for refund whenever you feel the strategies are not working for you.

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Go to Blogging-Exploit
Go to How-To-Blog

The list above will be updated and renewed from time to time. Be sure to check back to see any new experts that I will share in future

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